Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day, Part 2

Colin Farrell

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The first subject of this post is he whom I referred to in the last one. That being the sexy beast that is Colin Farrell. His first movie appearance was in 1996's The Disappearance of Finbar, with Jonathan Rhys Meyers' as the title character. Years later, the tables turned, with Colin starring as Alexander. He's been working non-stop since Finbar, and I've like everything he's been in. I haven't gotten around to seeing Fright Night, but I feel I'll like that too. With him and the Tennant in it, I can't imagine not liking it.

Last but far from least is one of my top three favorite boybands, Westlife. No, the other two aren't Backstreet and N'Sync, though I like them. Rounding out my top three are 98 Degrees and BBMak.

The Westlife boys are Irish, through and through. They started in 1998 and, unlike the others, have continued to this day. Well, this year, as they announced they'll be disbanding. Still, fourteen years of continual success for a group is pretty amazing, and for a boyband, unheard of. They've had number one singles like crazy in the UK. Heck, their first seven debutted at the top of the charts over there, tying with The Beatles! They did Flying Without Wings first, and way better than Ruben. They worked with Mariah and Diana. They were just massive.

The members are Brian McFadden (who left the group in 2004), lead singer Shane Filan (my favorite, even though he scoops), other lead singer Mark Feehily (the gay one), Nicky Byrne and Kian Egan. Another thing I liked about Westlife, from a completely superficial perspective, is there wasn't an ugly one in the bunch. The only non-drop-dead-gorgeous one (to me) was Brian, yet he was quite easy on the eyes. I wonder if he'll join them for the farewell tour? We shall miss you, Westlife, but your legacy will live on in your music.

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