Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Captain America

So I saw Captain America and was quite pleased. Enjoyed it at least as much as Thor. Only down side was not nearly enough shirtless Chris Evans. With the amount of work he put into getting that body, I'd hoped it would be showcased more. There was some T-shirt scenes, but again, not nearly enough. Here's hoping Joss throws in some gratuitous semi-nudity in The Avengers.

Monday, July 25, 2011

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Both of this week's guys have appeared on Smallville, one near the beginning, the other near the end.

Reynaldo Rosales (33 today) played the guy with the touch of death (and pretty eyes) in the first season episode Reaper. He's done a bunch of theater, but you may have also seen him on Charmed (Finn) and several episodes of Law and Order. You can see his demo reel here.

Eric Martsolf (the big four-o later this week) appeared as Booster Gold in Smallville's final season this year, in an episode directed by none other than Mister Welling. I really liked his performance, and wish we could have seen more of the character. Maybe a spinoff, with Justin.

Speaking of which, Eric is the third Passions hunk to appear on Smallville, after Jesse and Justin. Surprisingly, no Booster shirtlessness. It's not like Eric hasn't done it before, frequently. Like this on Passions, or this on Days of Our Lives. And he's even willing to make fun of the phenomenon, which makes him that much sexier. Now if he could sing too, there'd be no way he'd be safe around me. Oh, damn, he can do that too.

I've only heard how over the top Passions was, but zombie cop? After that, nothing could embarrass you, not even copious shirtlessness. See more examples of such here and here.

Other birthdays this week:
•  Michael Welch (24)
•  Dustin Milligan (26)
•  Blair Redford (28)
•  Jonathan Rhys Meyers (34)
•  John Reardon (36)
•  Stephen Dorff (38)
•  Evan Farmer (39)
•  Julian McMahon (43) (previously featured)
•  Dean Cain (45) (previously featured)
•  Jeremy Piven (46)
•  Jay Bontatibus (47)
•  Michael Biehn (55)
•  James Read (58)
•  Barry Van Dyke (60)

GAY ROLES (Rosales): Law and Order

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