Tuesday, June 22, 2010


OK, both these guys are still around and working today. But back in the day, well, you be the judge.

Today is "The Chin's" 52nd birthday. That being Bruce Campbell. I've thought of him as a character actor in a leading man's body, rather like Ben Affleck. His career is like Ben's (or is Ben's like his?) in that they both have been able to do mainstream movies (which pay the bills) and alternative movies (which feeds the soul).

I know I didn't see Sam Raimi's first two Evil Dead movies, so my initial exposure to Bruce was probably Army of Darkness. How could one not love the man who could deliver the line, "Gimme some sugar, baby" with such... conviction. He can also do mad slapstick.

You know, there's a thought. A movie co-starring Bruce and Jackie Chan. That would be amazingly cool! Sadly unlikely, but I send it out into the æther, and who knows?

Next was The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.. Sort of a '90s version of The Wild Wild West, but wackier. I mean, come on, they had a character whose catchphrase was "Nobody touches Pete's piece." Sometimes the show over-indulged in the campiness, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

He's kept busy, appearing on Hercules and Xena and in all sorts of other stuff. At the moment, he's on Burn Notice with younger (but only by about 10 years) hottie Jeffrey Donovan. Long may they connive.

On Thursday Joe Penny will be 54. He and Perry King made quite the impression on yours truly on Riptide. The show was like Magnum squared. Or was it more Dukes meets Magnum? Anyway, loved the show.

Following that, oddly enough, I think I watched Jake and the Fatman more for William Conrad, who I was a fan of since at least the Cannon days. Though having Joe on the show didn't hurt, by any means.

To find out more about Joe, past and present, check this site out.

Monday, June 21, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Like last week, the birthday boys this week will be the same age. In this case, 40. But a day apart.

Tomorrow Michael Trucco will be the one. You most likely know him from the Galactica "re-imagining" as the sexiest skinjob around. Before that, he did a guest spot on Charmed as a bad guy. But I think I first saw him on Pensacola: Wings of Gold. His character's nickname was "Spoon", and I'd sure love to spoon him. Or vice versa.

Wednesday is the big four-o for Zen Gesner. He was the prettiest Sinbad I ever did see on the '90s series The Adventures of Sinbad. He did All My Children for a while, and various movies. It looks like he's not done any acting for a couple of years. I hope he's not retired, 'cause I'd love to see more of him.

GAY ROLES (Gesner): Boat Trip

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