Monday, July 27, 2009

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

This week we're celebrating two birthday boys, both with a a science fiction connection, and a touch of the exotic. As in, not your standard blonde haired blue eyed dudes. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The first is Dean Cain, best known for playing the Man of Steel. He's part Japanese, and turns 43 this Friday. Since his Superman days, he's kept himself busy with movies and guest spots on TV. He's also seems to be one of the go-to guys for the Sci-Fi Channel when they're doing one of their crappy movies. You know, when Casper Van Dien isn't available. Still, I guess a paycheck's a paycheck.

And turning the big three-o on Saturday is native Hawaiian Jason Momoa. He started out modelling, then got his first acting break in '99 on Baywatch during it's last two seasons, when it got renamed Baywatch Hawaii. More hotties from that show next month, btw. So anyway, he went on to the Hawaii-based short-lived series North Shore, which also had eye-candy like Corey Sevier, Jay Kenneth Johnson, Kristoffer Polaha and James Remar. By this point he had those godawful dreads. Which got even worse looking when he started Stargate Atlantis. I'm so glad he's getting rid of them now. There, I said it.

More wallpapers coming on their birthdays. Because more is better.

GAY ROLES (Cain): Best Men, The Broken Hearts Club

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