Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very DeCoteau Christmas, Part 1

All photos are courtesy Rapid Heart Pictures,
from 1313: Wicked Stepbrother

Cover art: From left to right: Jake Madden,
Nate Gill, Michelle Bauer and Jordan Nichols

Nigel (Luke Allen) is a guest at a
birthday party that takes a cynical turn.

Kelly (Jarrid Balis) 'dips' into the mystery.

Jarrod (Jordan Nichols) is the good brother.

Marcus (Andrew M. Gray)
ponders the mystery.

WARNING: This is one of my more chatty posts. Get a glass of your favorite beverage, relax, and read on.

I've been noticed! I mean noticed noticed. Well, I may have been noticed before, but I didn't notice if I were noticed, but now I know I've been noticed, doncha know.

Emissaries from Monsieur DeCoteau have made it known that they find my unassuming little blog of interest. I was e-mailed a press kit for one of David's squidzillion recent productions, 1313: Wicked Stepbrother. It contained some lovely photos (above) that I was able to transform into wallpaper. Those'll be under y'all's Christmas tree tomorrow.

By the way, I have been assured that Luke and Jarrid are not the same person. Then they must have been separated at birth. If so, they'd be the hottest brothers since Sam and Dean. How does he manage to get so many hot young guys in his movies, and have them wear next to nothing? I have my suspicions. I think he'll be going to Heaven, for bringing entertainment to so many for so long. Voodoo Academy alone has provided much inspiration for a group I've been involved with for years.

It's funny; I've been a fan of David even before I knew I was. What, me, obtuse? What I mean is, one of my favorite movies back in the day was Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. I also really liked I Was a Teenage Sex Maniac. It wasn't until after Voodoo Academy that I found out they were directed by the same guy. He also did a pseudo-Lovecraftian movie, which adds more points in my book.

I've only seen clips from his recent stuff (it's so hard to keep up). Seems like one commonality in his 1313 series, aside from the obvious, is the location. Almost all of them look to have been filmed at the same swanky house. I don't know if it belongs to David, or a friend of his, or he just got a good deal. It must have helped cut production costs, that's for sure. Doesn't really matter where he films, as long as the cast looks like it does.

Speaking of that, he should film down here in Florida sometime. It's more than beaches and Disney World. Sunny, various scenic opportunities, the options are myriad. I know that Burn Notice and The Glades are currently filming here. Oh, if David could get Matt Passmore in a movie during Matt's downtime, maybe speaking in his natural Australian accent...

Where was I? Oh yeah, filming in Florida. There are filming facilities in Orlando due to Disney, of course. And a number of movies have filmed down here. Heck, some of his actors are from Florida originally. We're gay friendly, too. Maybe not everywhere, but definitely in places like Key West, Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Ghu knows we can use the business, 'specially since that whole Gulf thing last year. Which didn't seriously affect us, anyway. So here's hoping.

More tomorrow. Happy Holidays, y'all.

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - Extra wide wallpaper

Originally, this was going to be the last bunch of DeCoteau dudes. But I had a pleasant surprise. More about that shortly.

Site banner

More playing around with the blog. Instead of panorama shots from my travels, I decided to make some banners more related to the current blog content. So, guys, guys, guys. This one is all DeCoteau Dudes. You can see who's who here. It goes with my little holiday theme devoted to them for the next few days. Why? Stay tuned...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Wallpaper display fix

You may have noticed that, for a while, when you click on a wallpaper, it comes up in a sort of mini-gallery showing all the ones in the same post. And they're not expandable. You can right-click and "save as", but I miss the old format. Well, I finally got annoyed enough and did some research and fixed it. Now when you click on a wallpaper thumbnail, the full sized version will pop up. By itself. The other thing was called "Lightbox", and apparently was some attempt by Blogger to be cool. Yeah, not so much.

For those that might want to fix it on their blogs, go to "Settings", then the subheading "Formatting". Scroll down some and you should see an option, "Showcase images with Lightbox". Change it from "Yes" to "No", and that's it.

Also, now a thumbnail of the first wallpaper in a post will show in the blogger feed. Another simple fix. Go to "Settings", then the subheading "Site Feed". The very first option is "Allow Blog Feeds". Change it to "Full" and that's it. Should also retroactively fix a bunch of your previous posts.

Hope that makes the blog more accessible and all that. Cheers!

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - Extra wide wallpaper

Next bunch of DeCoteau dudes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - Extra wide wallpaper

SF/Fantasy movie batch #3.

And no, Troy isn't the film that qualifies Eric and Brad. Though thank goodness for it, 'cause they had to get in tip-top shape for it. Said shapes being nicely on display throughout. Particularly Mister Pitt's assets.

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