Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wallpaper of the Day

Well, it's been six months since Smallville ended. What's Tom Welling (previously featured) been up to? Let's face it, if he was smart and invested wisely, he won't need to work for the rest of his life. But I think he wants to work more, and don't think he'll be retiring anytime soon. A break, maybe, since he was doing Smallville for ten years.

The above wallpapers I did way before I started this blog. I love these little surprises, and am happy when I can share them with the faithful followers. That's you, dear readers.

Someone else who's been keeping track of Tom is Superherofan, as can be seen here.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wallpaper of the Day

Pavel Novotný, a man of many names. Max Orloff and Jan Dvořák, to name a few. And man, oh man, what a man. Another top, primarily, though he's bottomed on rare occasions. Like in Czech Point. You can see much more of him here and here.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wallpaper of the Day

Well, unfortunately Jason Momoa's epic ass (also featured in Game of Thrones) wasn't enough to keep Conan the Barbarian from bombing at the box office. Not Jason's fault, I think. Fright Night tanked too. It could be remake-itis. If this keeps up, Hollywood may have to resort to making (gasp!) original movies.

I do miss him from his Stargate: Atlantis days. Yet I think Jason won't lack employment. As long as he keeps looking like this. It'd be nice, though, for him to get his site finished.

By the way, the second wallpaper? One of the top five I actually use on my computer. It's just so easy on the eyes.

Monday, November 14, 2011

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Oh, look, it's the ex-Mister Angelina. That would be 39 year old (tomorrow) Jonny Lee Miller. They met whilst doing Hackers. In which Matthew Lillard looked his weirdist, which is saying something. Jonny's always had a sort of geeky charm, and was great on Eli Stone. A show that sadly got cancelled before his time. Something about that Van Der Beekian forehead and those limpid eyes, sheer adorkability. Now he's working on Tim Burton's version of Dark Shadows. We'll see if that gets off the ground, unlike prior efforts. Guess who's playing Barnabas? Go on, you'll never guess. No, not even a hint, you really don't need one.

Some say the way to man's heart is through his stomach. Others say it's a different organ. If you believe the former, than celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito (45 on Saturday) has found the fast train. Very boyish, I didn't think he was that old at all. Wish he'd lasted on Dancing with the Stars longer, since he was finally starting to loosen up there near the end.

Other birthdays this week:
•  Bo Summers
•  Nathan Kress (19)
•  Cody Linley (22)
•  Ace Young (31)
•  Brian Dietzen (34)
•  Robin Dunne (35) (previously featured)
•  Tyson Ballou (35)
•  Chris Demetral (35)
•  Jason Faunt (37)
•  Josh Duhamel (39) (previously featured)
•  Paul Korver (40)
•  Gus Mattox (51)
•  William R. Moses (52)
•  Jameson Parker (64) (previously featured)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wallpaper of the Day

So he changes his name to Chad Murray, yet the relatively recent official website of Mister Murray (previously featured) is Make up your mind, please, why dontcha?

Here's a slew of old wallpapers I did of Chaddie. He's always been a tall drink of water, and I know lots of you would love to take a guzzle. He's coming back for the last season of OTH. I hope he'll get shirtless for old times sake, but now that he's 30, he's probably going to want to be taken "seriously". He's got some movies in the pipeline, so he's not going away any time soon. Which is, ya know, a good thing. If you want to see more of the Chadster, Superherofan's done a good job of chronicling his history.

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