Monday, December 6, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Two birthdays this Thursday. Both guys are chest-nificent.

First is Jesse Metcalfe, who'll be 32. He's alright, I guess, if you like the wax-eyebrowed hunky pretty boys. I don't know, he's a bit too... plastic looking for my taste. So I won't fight too hard if anyone else wants him.

He started out on the campy (even as soap operas go) Passions. Which was the home of one of my favorites, btw. He was on a few eps of Smallville as a hunter of "meteor freaks". Then he became everyone's favorite gardener on Desperate Housewives. He seems to be getting a bit rough around the edges of late, which actually makes him look less artificial. And he's still getting work, so he's hardly a has-been, as some have said.

He doesn't seem to have an official site, but he's on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Though he doesn't update his Twitter much. See more of him here and here and here.

Then there's soon to be 41-year-old Sebastian Spence. Loved him since I first saw him in First Wave back in '98. The man can wear a white t-shirt like few others. I used to say his chest entered the room before the rest of him. It's not like he's a huge bodybuilder or anything, he's just... woof! And his face. He's got a squinty-eyed look that tones down his perfect bone structure, keeping him from being impossibly handsome to being just-right handsome. He's done various genre work since, popping up a bunch on Sci-Fi Channel. His official site is here, and his Facebook account here. He's got no MySpace or Twitter that I can find.

GAY ROLES (Spence): Donald Strachey series

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