Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Miles O'Keeffe



Few men would I describe as exquisite, but the word is perfect for Miles O'Keeffe. The acting, not so much, but the body? Exquisite. Magnificent works, too.

Of course, he first caught my attention in his premiere as the literary primitive in Tarzan, the Ape Man. I think there was some chick in it, too, but I wasn't paying attention. He went on to do some wretched, yet campily amusing, films. Remember the Ator movies (a Conan knockoff) and Sword of the Valiant (where he played Gawain)? He was a pretty sexy Dracula in Waxwork, though. The last thing I see in his IMDb bio is a short he did in 2010. He is 58, maybe he decided to retire from acting. His career will live on, though, and continue to entertain and amuse for years to come, I'd wager.

See more of Miles at Superherofan, and what's left of Lost in the Past.

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