Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Does anyone remember A Year at the Top? That's where I first saw Greg Evigan, now 56. And Paul Shaffer too, but we won't go into that. This was before B.J. and the Bear, even. Ah, the 70s, how I loved thee.

The following decade was pretty good to Greg too, what with My Two Dads and all. Could that series be made today? Don't think so. It was so of-its-time. Seriously, two single guys living together raising a kid, and they're both straight? Really?

More about him at his official site.

GAY ROLES: Melrose Place

Monday, October 12, 2009

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Christian Kane. I remember the Angel series premiere. I'll tell y'all, David Boreanaz doesn't do much for me, I don't know why. But I liked the character, and Joss was doing the show, so I figured it'd be good.

Then I saw Lindsey. And he spoke in that deep raspy voice. I thought, "Please let this guy become a regular." Someone was listening, 'cause he did. As the series developed, so did his character, who became complex and morally ambivalent and funny and interesting, so he was more than just something nice to look at. Then he sang, and I was lost. Let's not even get into the evil hand issues.

It's strange, normally I like guys with longer hair, but I wasn't a fan when he came back at series end having let it grow out. Dude's got great hair, don't get me wrong, but oddly I think he's hotter with short hair. Which is why I'm not too keen on his look on Leverage. But at least he's back on TV regularly again.

He's got his own band, appropriately enough named Kane. Here's a sample.

He also appeared in that odd little gem, The Plight of Clownana (viewable here)

GAY ROLES: The Broken Hearts Club (briefly)

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