Thursday, August 12, 2010


Flash! Ah-aaaah! Come on, you know you loved the 1981 movie. How not, with someone like Sam Jones playing the lead, in various states of undress and/or wearing leather. And the overall campiness. I mean, come on, it's campier than a Cher/Madonna/Village People concert on Fire Island during Pride Week. The soundtrack by Queen elevated the movie even further into camp heaven. For another opinion, see this.

Now some sources say the album came out in the US in February of '81, two months after the movie. I know this ain't so, as I very distinctly remember buying at least half-a-dozen copies for Christmas presents after the movie premiered in December '80 in Miami.

I still have the issue of Playgirl in which Sam appeared. Ah-aaah, indeed.

Monday, August 9, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Both guys in this post share a birthday on Saturday.

First we'll look at the younger, soon-to-be 23-year-old Tim Tebow. What's he got himself up to since his Gator days, only a few months ago ended? I thought he might go back into missionary work, but he decided to go pro, and got drafted by the Denver Broncos. That's going to be some adjustment, 'cause Denver is about as un-Florida-like as you can get in the US.

I think he'll do well, though. I don't like football in general, and Gator anything in particular, but I like Tebow. Yes, the hulking physicality is a turn-on, that's a given. The slight lisp softens that, though. He also impressed me as being very grounded and down to earth.

I never understood the hating on him. He's talented, not an idiot or a criminal or likely to become one. Actually a role model, which is increasingly rare in sports or with any famous people anymore. I only wish him well.

Mind you, if he ever was convinced to do underwear modelling, I wouldn't complain. Sadly, with his religious beliefs, I doubt he'd do it. Probably consider it borderline pornographic, at best. Mind you, he'd be right. But one can always hope.

Well, I'm happy to stand corrected. I write a lot of these posts in advance, when I get in a writing and wallpaper-making mood. When I wrote the previous bit, I couldn't have dreamed I'd get my wish. Just a couple of weeks ago, he announced he would be the new spokesman for Jockey. Sometimes, dreams do come true.
One of the more amusing things to me is the whole man-crush/man-love phenomena that whirled around Tebow. I wanna say it started with this article, but it was going on way before that, definitely before he won the Heisman. But you know, if there was any guy that could make a straight guy think twice, it'd be Timmy. Multiple examples to be found here.

It was a bit weird the last couple of years to be so near the center of all that man-love. To think, I could've driven up the road and maybe seen him work out in the O'Dome weight room. Or watched him practicing or running up the stairs at the Swamp. But not in a stalker way or anything. 'Cause the dude could bench press me without breaking a sweat. Mmm, now there's a thought...

A little ditty I thought up, to the tune of Chim Chim Cher-ee:
Tim Timiny, Tim Timiny, Tim Tim Tebow
Good luck will rub off on all those that you know
Tim Timiny, Tim Timiny, Tim Tim Tee-bee
I hope that someday I will shake hands with thee
I'd love to do more, but that ain't likely

I've kinda liked Chris Gorham (who'll be 36) since his Popular days. He's done a good bit of SF genre work, like Jake 2.0. In which he often appeared shirtless. He had an OK bod, but I liked his personality and acting more. Then, only about 5 years later, he took his top off on Ugly Betty. Criminees, boy has been working out! He's got it going on all over, and is several orders of magnitude hotter than he was 10 years ago. Take note, current crop of 20-something pretty boys. This is a goal towards which to aspire. See more of what I'm talking about here.

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