Monday, February 15, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

The theme is Sliders. First the star, who's birthday is Wednesday, Jerry O'Connell. It's hard to believe how the chunky kid he was in Stand by Me morphed into the hottie we saw on Sliders and after. Just goes to show that puberty and some competitive fencing can do a body good.

I never realized that Connor Trinneer appeared on Sliders back in '98. It was in the episode Prophets and Loss, and you can see how little he's changed here. Plus this is a neat commercial he was in around the same time.

Of course he became better known playing Trip Tucker on Enterprise. Starting with the infamous decontamination scene in the pilot. Followed by other occasions throughout the series where we got to see Trip in his skivvies (more here). Shame that wasn't the regulation uniform in the 22nd century. 'Cause seeing Trip and Archer and Mayweather (and whatsername, for those who like that sort of thing) every week like that might have boosted the ratings enough for the series to have lasted longer. Oh, and if they hadn't wasted so much effort on that stupid Temporal Cold War plotline.

After Enterprise, he naturally went on to the retirement home for ex-Star Trek actors, Stargate. Or, in Connor's case, Stargate Atlantis as recurring character Michael.

His birthday is next month, when he'll turn 41.

GAY ROLES (Trinneer): Far East

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