Monday, July 26, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

The birthday dudes in this post have a couple of connections. One is Charmed, the other is that they'll both be 42.

First we'll look at series regular Julian McMahon, whose birthday is tomorrow. For those who watched Charmed, the dark smouldering seductiveness of the conflicted human/demon Cole Turner was undeniable. The yin to Leo's yang. And his shirtless scenes... so rare nowadays to find a man in Hollywood with a Selleck-esque chest. Then, as if he weren't scorching enough, he had to go and do Nip/Tuck, which is as close to adult film as you can get on commercial TV. Julian does seem to get typecast as the badboy, as witness Fantastic Four. But dang, is he good at it. It would have been nice, though, if he'd gone topless, as did Chris. Y'all may disagree, but I think Julian can still give Mister Evans a run for his money on the hot-o-meter.

Next Wednesday is Daniel Dae Kim's birthday. He was a baddie on one episode of Charmed. Now he's probably best known for being on Lost. Never could get into that show, even considering the cast. He was a regular on the Babylon 5 spin-off Crusade, and a semi-regular on Angel and Star Trek: Enterprise. From what I can find, he's about 5'8", but to me he "reads" taller on camera. That may be how he's photographed, his proportions (really nice, they are) or his presence. Anyway you look at him, he's luscious.

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