Saturday, January 29, 2011

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

None of this week's birthday boys thrilled me. Or if they did, I couldn't find decent photos to make wallpapers of them. What to do? Then I noticed that someone I'd previously used for subject matter had a birthday this week. Him being the topic of my very first post and all, I decided to revisit the lovely Mister Hartley. And there's lots of photos available of him, natch. I think the first is from a publicity shot for Aquaman; the second is him as Green Arrow. He'll be 34 today. May he have many, many more birthdays.

Other birthdays this week:
•  Justin Baldoni (27)
•  Nick Carter (31)
•  Wilmer Valderrama (31)
•  Kyle Brandt (32)
•  Andrew Keegan (32)
•  Joey Fatone Jr. (34)
•  Christian Bale (37)
•  Dorian Gregory (40)
•  Barry Wood (40)
•  Matthew Lillard (41)
•  Paul Johannson (47)
•  Keith Hamilton Cobb (49)
•  Greg Louganis (51)
•  Marc Singer (63) (previously featured)
•  Tom Selleck (66)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Belated birthday wishes to Daniel Cudmore, who turned 30 last week. What a big hunky lunk of a guy. You might know him from the X-Men movies, where he played Colossus. He's gone on to appear in two Twilight films, New Moon and Eclipse. I did get to see the first one, btw. It was on one of the movie channels that I got free for a couple months as an incentive with Dish, so I figured, why not? I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it. It wasn't bad, but pretty much 'meh'.

Other birthdays last week:
•  David Lago (32)
•  Balthazar Getty (36)
•  Jim Davidson (48)
•  James Denton (48) (previously featured)
•  Lorenzo Lamas (53)
•  Robbie Benson (55)
•  Kevin Costner (56)
•  John Wesley Shipp (56)
•  Richard Dean Anderson (61) (previously featured)
•  Gil Gerard (68)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sorry for the delay

My computer crashed last weekend, which is why no wallpapers. It was a root kit virus; nasty, but not fatal. It did require a reinstall of Windows, so I'm having to set up stuff anew, which is taking a while. I should be getting back to wallpapering soon-ish.

One good thing is I broke down and got more advanced photo-editing software, so I'm hoping to be able to make even neater wallpapers. For those interested, I was using Paint Shop Pro Studio, which came with the computer when I bought it. Now I have Paint Shop Pro X3. Kind of a quantum leap. I got it at a discount, since I'd already got stuff from Corel previously. The annoying thing is X3 searches for all the photos on my hard drive, like Picasa does. Unlike Picasa, I can't use Paint Shop until it finishes cataloging, and I have a lot of photos. I think I'll just let it do it's thing overnight.

Stay tuned...

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