Saturday, October 8, 2011

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - extra

Today is the 42nd birthday of the square-jawed, unnaturally handsome Dylan Neal. With a face like that (not to mention the body), he was destined for soapdom. In his case, The Bold and the Beautiful for several years. Where he stripped, twice.

After B+B, he continued working, but couldn't seem to get anything long-term. It's like he has the McGinley curse. Doubts? I give you Pacific Palisades, Hyperion Bay, Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers and Blood Ties. The Bab 5 spin-off pilot is where I first saw him. And him and Kyle together on Blood Ties, woof!

He does keep getting work, but he deserves a series that lasts a few years. Maybe someday.

GAY ROLES: Doug Witter (Dawson's Creek)

Monday, October 3, 2011

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

The two guys in this post share a birthday Friday, and are only a year apart in age.

The first, who'll be 33, is the beautiful Trevor Donovan. He started out, as many pretty actors have, as a model. For Abs and Fitch, of course.

His earliest long-term thespian work was on Days of our Lives in '07. He looked like this back then. He later landed on the revived 90210, where his character eventually came out. And he got to snog a couple of interesting guys. Shame he's getting dropped from the show after that. Hopefully he'll do more than be Paul Walker's butt double. 'Cause we want to see the front, too. See more of the lovely Trevor over at Superherofan's site.

Remember Brandon Quinn (who'll be 34)? Then you probably didn't watch Big Wolf on Campus at the turn of the century. He had a recurring role later on the last season of Charmed. He manages to keep busy, more on TV than movies. I think part of the reason I like him is that he's like an interesting cross between Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Eric Balfour. Long angular face, tall, built, sense of humor, he's firing on all cylinders. See if you agree. Thank goodness he's still getting shirtless roles, 'cause it makes the world such a better place.

Other birthdays this week:
•  Kerry Degman (23)
•  Oskar Rodriguez (25) (previously featured)
•  Scott Herman (27) (previously featured)
•  Robert Ginepri (29)
•  Erik Von Detten (29)
•  Zachery Ty Bryan (30)
•  Nick Cannon (31)
•  Brandon Routh (32) (previously featured)
•  Shawn Ashmore (32)
•  Aaron Ashmore (32)
•  Brandon Barash (32)
•  John Morrison (32) (previously featured)
•  Adrian Quinonez (34)
•  Wes Ramsey (34)
•  Seann William Scott (35) (previously featured)
•  Jeremy Sisto (37)
•  Van Darkholme (39)
•  Kevin Richardson (40) (previously featured)
•  Matt Damon (41) (previously featured)
•  Guy Pearce (44)
•  Clive Owen (47)
•  Jeff Trachta (51)
•  Jack Wagner (52)
•  Scott Bakula (57) (previously featured)
•  John Mellencamp (60)

•  Mike Henson (deceased)
•  Jeff Conaway (deceased)

GAY ROLES: (Donovan) Teddy Montgomery (90210), (Quinn): Tom (Entourage)

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