Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today is Bruce Boxleitner's 60th birthday. He initially attracted my interest as the title character in 1982's TRON, for which a sequel is in the works. That interest was only enhanced by Scarecrow and Mrs. King. He also appeared on Battle of the Network Stars around that time on the CBS team, but before Scarecrow, so I'm not sure what qualified him to be on.

The next decade saw his major return, and how many know him now, as John Sheridan on Babylon 5. He's stayed busy, doing TV and movies and even dabbling in writing. But to many of us, he'll always be TRON or Lee Stetson.

Monday, May 10, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Interesting. Two birthdays this week are of actors who've portrayed vampires, thus leading to many thinking they're "all that", I not being one of them.

I've said previously how I'm not thrilled with Robert Pattinson (birthday on Thursday). But I found a picture of him, finally, that I liked for wallpaper purposes, so decided to make one. It's from his Harry Potter days, before he curtailed his efforts with personal hygeine. Him and Matthew, what's the deal?

The other is David Boreanaz, who turns 41 on Sunday. Don't get me wrong, I loved Angel (moreso than Buffy, in a lot of ways). I just don't find Boreanaz himself that attractive, and I don't know why. He's tall, dark and funny, everything you could want in a guy. Oh well. If any of you want him, I won't put up a fight. Justin or Rusty, though, you'll have a tussle on your hands.

GAY ROLES (Boreanaz): Suffering Man’s Charity
GAY ROLES (Pattinson): Little Ashes

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - extra

Jason Brooks

Jeffrey Donovan

A couple more. So earlier this year I devoted time to cast members of The Pretender. This post is of a couple of semi-regulars, who coincidentally have birthdays only a day apart, and whose first names begin with 'J'.

First we'll look at Jason Brooks, who played Miss Parker's boyfriend, and is 44 today. I vaguely noticed him when I watched the show, thinking he wasn't bad looking. I certainly didn't see him before that while he was doing Days of our Lives.

I more than noticed him once he was on Baywatch Hawaii. Yes, even over Michael and the other Jason. Compare and contrast at your leisure. He's stayed employed since then, but not done anywhere near as much shirtlessness, more's the pity. The latest thing he did was a minor role in that movie. If only they did another Baywatch reunion. One can dream, can not one?

Next is Jeffrey Donovan, who'll be 42 tomorrow. He was Jarod's brother Kyle. He did tend to play the psycho. Probably b/c he had this dangerous look and vibe to him. Though once in a while, he did have roles where he wasn't quite so crazy. But through his career, he's always been sexy somehow. It's not like he's classically handsome, and has anyone else noticed the man has no chin? And yet, he oozes this inexplicable animal magnetism.

Finally he found the role that seems to fit him like a glove, Michael Weston on Burn Notice. And who knew how good he looked when he smiled, much less that he was funny? His character has this lovely dry sarcasm, plus he gets to play off Bruce Campbell regularly. Comic genius. I hope the irony of Jeffrey the Chinless Wonder working opposite the "Killer Chin" is not lost on anybody. You know, maybe it's the spy mystique, but Jeffrey's gotten even hotter, if that's even possible. He was featured last year in TV Guide's Hot Bodies of Summer. More to see of that here and here.

I do wish he'd lay off the accents, though; they're so hit or miss. Sometimes they're good. But other times, it sounds like Jeffrey's been taking lessons at the David Boreanaz school of dialect.

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