Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wallpaper music video

I was going to do more of these sooner, but the sound died on my computer. Finally got it fixed (mostly), so here's the first video for the 2010 wallpapers. The song is by former boy toy Adam Rickitt. It's the 1990's pop hit "I Breathe Again." Studio-produced to hell, but still a fun song. The original video for it didn't hurt either. The wallpapers I chose for the video are in keeping with the feel of the song. Enjoy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Wow, I never knew. Kyle Lowder (31 tomorrow) can sing. Just listen. A Josh Groban voice in the body of a soap stud, oh, that's dangerous. More about Kyle at his official site.

Remember Aussie Alex O'Loughlin (36 on Wednesday) on Moonlight? Good show, too short-lived. He's done a movie or two since then. Now he's lead in another show, the "re-imagined" (god, I'm really beginning to hate that term) Hawaii-Five 0. Hope this lasts a while, we need to see more of Alex.

Other birthdays this week:
•  Eric Steinberg (??)
•  Rupert Grint (23)
•  Armie Hammer (25)
•  Patrick J. Adams (30)
•  Chad Michael Murray (30) (previously featured)
•  Ross Thomas (30)
•  William Levy Gutierrez (31) (previously featured)
•  Chris Pine (31) (previously featured)
•  Andrew Stetson (32)
•  Jonathan Togo (34)
•  Scott Caan (35)
•  Alexander Skarsgard (35)
•  Daniel Goddard (40)
•  Jay Mohr (41)
•  River Phoenix (41) (previously featured)
•  Cameron Mathison (42) (previously featured)
•  Jason Priestley (42)
•  Blair Underwood (47)
•  Jeff Stryker (49)
•  John Allen Nelson (52) (previously featured)
•  Brian Thompson (52)
•  Steve Guttenberg (53)
•  Rick Rossovich (54)
•  Rick Springfield (62)

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