Monday, January 23, 2012

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Justin Hartley (35 this week, and previously featured) hasn't had much screen time since the end of Smallville. He did a small guest spot on Chuck, which was nice, but with no shirtlessness, which was not so good. And he'll be on an episode of Castle tonight, so tune in, folks.

And CW, where's the love? They're doing a Green Arrow pilot, but Justin isn't even attached to the project?! Grrr. But they don't hate him completely, since he's going to be on Hart of Dixie later this year, possibly as a recurring character. Him and Wilson Bethel on the same show, which has no lack of shirtlessness... oh, the possibilities.

It's nice he did get some time away from the biz; he's earned it. Considering his being on Dixie later, I doubt he'll let himself go. 'Cause I don't think any of us are ready to see the last of this.

Other birthdays this week:
•  Brian Cushing (25)
•  Drew Tyler Bell (26)
•  Brian Kehoe (26)
•  Ricky Ullman (26)
•  Tom Hopper (27)
•  Michael Trevino (27)
•  Justin Baldoni (28)
•  James E. Foley (29)
•  Craig Horner (29) (previously featured)
•  Wes Brown (30)
•  Adam Lambert (30)
•  Elijah Wood (31)
•  Nick Carter (32)
•  Kyle Brandt (33)
•  Andrew Keegan (33)
•  Jake Pavelka (34)
•  Jeff Peterson (34)
•  Sam Jaeger (35)
•  Joey Fatone Jr. (35)
•  Gilles Marini (36)
•  William Gregory Lee (39)
•  Sean Palmer (39)
•  Dorian Gregory (41)
•  Sam Trammell (41)
•  Barry Wood (41)
•  Matthew Lillard (42)
•  Paul Johannson (48)
•  Keith Hamilton Cobb (50)
•  Greg Louganis (52)
•  Richard Dean Anderson (62) (previously featured)
•  Marc Singer (64) (previously featured)
•  Tom Selleck (67)
•  Gil Gerard (69)

•  Paul Newman (deceased)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wallpaper music video

I think I got my first Alan Parsons Project album while I was still living in Miami. It was "Pyramid", partly because a good friend was kind of obsessed with one of the songs off the album, Pyramania. It's one of those earworms, so damn catchy. Their more popular stuff (Games People Play, Time, Eye in the Sky) came out before and after we moved upstate, when I was listening to top 40's music a lot. Ah, those (relatively) carefree times. Prime Time (from the "Ammonia Avenue" album) came out in 1984, when I was well ensconced in Gainesville. They didn't release much radio-friendly material after that, but they're still doing stuff, on and off.

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