Saturday, January 1, 2011

DDoM - DeCoteau Dude of the Month

A new addition to the DeCoteau stable is 23-year-old Tyler Hoechlin. You might remember him from his time on 7th Heaven. I didn't fancy him much back then, but now, hmm. Especially those eyes. Rather a stretch to star in David's Grizzly Rage. Maybe it helped him get a part on the new Teen Wolf. He's got more projects in the pipelines, so it'll be interesting seeing how the boy progresses.

Happy Horner-y New Year!

As last year, I thought I'd start out 2011 with one of Australia's hottest exports in recent years, Craig Horner. And finally, his birthday is revealed. It's January 24, 1983, which will make him 28 in about 3 weeks.

Sadly, his series, Legend of the Seeker, wasn't renewed. No more shirtless torture, or general toplessness (all incredibly plot-relevant and not at all gratuitous), how will we ever make it through the year? His IMDB page doesn't show any new projects, but I can't see him being unemployed for long. I wonder if this look is for an upcoming project? If so, all I can say is, hell to the yes!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Aussie model and TV presenter will be 30 tomorrow. I'm sure I discovered him on that Internet treasure, Famous Males Forum. See more of him here. And semi-NSFW like this and this.

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