Friday, August 20, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - extra

The two who share a birthday today are more than simply handsome. Their beauty is nigh unto ethereal.

First is 25-year old Brant Daugherty. I first saw him at the Just Beautiful Men blog. He's a model and sometime actor. Look at him, because words fail. He has an official blog. Doesn't update a lot, but Brant does twitter often. But then, who doesn't these days?

Next is someone who has been appropriately cast as an angel, Supernatural's heavenly Misha Collins, who turns 36. He sounded so different when he was on Charmed, as you can see here.

He doesn't have a blog that I can find, but he does have a Twitter account. Interesting and amusing commentary about him can be found here. For a fun interview, check here. And here's a neat fanvid.

Can you tell I don't find Misha interesting at all?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I was captivated by the original Land of the Lost series. Dinosaurs, time travel, alternate dimensions, this was not your typical Saturday fare. It was a geeky kid's delight. And for those who appreciated such things, there was Will Marshall, played by Wesley Eure. Yeah, I was crushing some on Wesley at the time, what with a voice that sounded like it hadn't broken yet, his shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest and those tight corduroy pants. He seemed to be the object of peril a lot, too.

So how come I never figured out he was gay? Told you I had no gaydar to speak of.

Monday, August 16, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Didn't watch The O.C., so I missed that opportunity to see the 28-year-old as of today Cam Gigandet (gotta love that name) back then. Started seeing photos of him around the 'net from Never Back Down, with the almost too pretty to be real Sean Faris. The movie looked very Fight Club-by, which discouraged me from seeing it. Much easier to ogle over the sweaty shirtless shredded bodies of Cam and Sean. Yep, he was also in Twilight, and no, I still haven't seen it.

Openly gay designer David Bromstad turns 37 tomorrow. I saw him first, as did many, when he was on HGTV's Next Design Star. Hot-amundo, even with the tattoos. Now, I don't have much gaydar to speak of, but even I thought he was family. Which it turned out he was. I was so glad he won, and got his own show. But much as I like Color Splash, I miss the rampant toplessness he exhibited on Design Star. Which didn't contribute at all to his winning, I'm sure.

You know, I'd love to see him work with his two brothers someday. OK, they're not really his brothers, but Dean and Eddie look like they could be, don't you think? Who's with me?

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