Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today is Mark Harmon's 59th birthday. Yes, he's almost 60, and getting foxier by the year. He's at least as sexy as Clooney. But then, he had a ten year headstart on Georgie-boy.

I never was into St. Elsewhere, back in the day. I find it surprising he never did soaps, with his looks. He was on Battle of the Network Stars several times. He also did a fun, silly movie in '87 called Summer School. Now, of course, he's the lead on NCIS. Long may it last.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DDoM - DeCoteau Dude of the Month

Both guys featured in this post turn 30 this month, and appeared in The Brotherhood series. To which two more movies were added last year, bringing the total to 6. I wonder if Dave will make it to 69?

First we'll check out The Brotherhood 2 cast member Braden Bacha. Not being a big reality TV fan (though I do appreciate the parodies), I'd never heard of Braden, him having been on Big Brother and all. He's also a model and a surfer. Sadly, I couldn't find any decent pictures to use to make wallpaper, so I provided videos instead.

Which, as you'll see and hear, show him to be the quintessential surfer-boy. I see him being typecast like that, which is a little surprising, as he's almost too, like, dude, ya know. Seeing him cast as a surfer would be disconcerting, since he's almost a caricature of one, bro.

He's not done much else, other than a brief nude scene on an episode of Dante's Cove. Having seen that, though, he might consider a career in the adult entertainment industry. Considering his acting and other gifts, that's really where he'd more likely find his level.

Next is Kristopher Turner, who landed his first lead role in The Brotherhood III: Young Demons. It seems to have been his lucky break, 'cause he's been busy ever since. I have to say, he's looking better as he gets older. I like the shaggy look he's got going on now.

GAY ROLES (Turner - theater): In Gabriel's Kitchen

Monday, August 30, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

I couldn't find any interesting guys having birthdays this week, so I went with a theme. That being professional wrestlers, all in their early 30s.

An odd sport, that. The only one I know where the amateur version is more "genuine" than the professional. Some of the differences are described here.

It's funny, I can remember my dad watching pro wrestling. I'd watch sometimes too, because, well, men wearing only trunks. But to me they seemed blocky and not in great shape, thus not terrific drool material.

Fast forward to now. What a change! This versus this, for example. The bodies on these guys are crazy, in a good way. And it's like gay porn, with all that sweaty grabbing and grappling. Almost as much as MMA is. Now there's something I'm amazed they don't have a parental advisory for before each show. Nor am I the only one with that thought.

Randy Orton first. He's the most thuggish looking of the ones in this post. Yet I find him attractive. Why, I wonder?

Next is John Cena. His wrestling persona is brutish, what with the rapper shtick and such. But then you see a picture like this and think, "Awwww". Love what's above the neck, that square jaw and rectangular face. He's also rather erudite, which he demonstrated when he appeared on NPR.

Last but not least is my new favorite John Morrison (real name John Hennigan). He's gone through various name changes in his career, but I first saw him when he started using the Morrison moniker. Inspired by Jim Morrison, apparently. I always wondered what Jim would have looked like if he'd worked out like a mofo, and now I have my answer. His physique reminds me of Craig's; they both have that negative body fat look. It's like looking at a living muscle anatomy chart. I could almost forgive Sci-Fi for adding wrestling to it's line-up, since it introduced me to Johnny boy. Almost.

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