Monday, July 18, 2011

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

OK, when did Jared Padalecki (a year away from the big three-o this week, and previously featured) get so dang buff? To go from this, to this... I'm not complaining, mind you, but wow!

He was such the adorable sweetie on Gilmore Girls. Then came Supernatural, and he started to become dead sexy. In interviews, we also began to see the funny. Then the sexy kicked into high gear when he decided he needed to bulk up more to fight Jason in the Friday the 13th remake. That's why this season of Supernatural has been an extra treat. I mean, how can you not love shirtless soulless Sammy? His other assets ain't bad, either.

Other birthdays this week:
•  Daniel Radcliffe (22)
•  Arthur Napiontek (24) (previously featured)
•  James Lafferty (26) (previously featured)
•  Chace Crawford (26) (previously featured)
•  Antoine Vermette (29)
•  Paul Wesley (29) (previously featured)
•  Josh Hartnett (33) (previously featured)
•  Justin Bartha (33)
•  Jamie Gannon (36)
•  Eric Szmanda (36) (previously featured)
•  Simon Rex (37)
•  Andy Whitfield (37)
•  Colin Ferguson (39)
•  Eddie Matos (39)
•  Josh Holloway (42)
•  Vin Diesel (44) (previously featured)
•  Chris Cornell (47) (previously featured)
•  Woody Harrelson (50)
•  Peter Barton (55)
•  J. W. King (56) (deceased)
•  Robert Hays (64)
•  Bobby Sherman (68) (previously featured)
•  Dennis Cole (71) (deceased)

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