Saturday, April 10, 2010

I've got the news

So I was listening to Lex and Terry last week, and I found out something that's been bugging me since I started listening to the show. Whenever Peter does the news, it always starts with a clip of someone singing the line "I've got the news, bound up in a paper bag." I couldn't find out anything about who sang it. But last week, they were reminiscing and they mentioned that the line was sung by Taint, of all people. Apparently he wrote a song and performed it on the show sometime back. They played more of the song, and I couldn't decide if it was decent or dreadful. It didn't sound like Taint at all. At least that's one of the great mysteries of the universe solved.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Dennis Quaid is 56 today. Let me repeat that. The man you see above is 56. I've heard it said that 40 is the new 30. Dennis is evidence that maybe 50 will be the new 20!

The first thing I remember him in (vividly) is 1984's Dreamscape. One look at him shirtless and seeing that mad sexy body made me feel all tingly. Or something. It was good, whatever it was. Yumm-o! And the older he gets, the more rugged and hunky he becomes. Let's hope it never stops. More musings about Dennis here.

GAY ROLES: Far from Heaven

Monday, April 5, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Two soap opera guys this week. Not seen the shows they're on, but like most men of that ilk, they is pretty to look at.

First is Adrian Bellani, from my old hometown, birthday on Thursday. He appeared on Passions for a while, in a role originated by Jesse Metcalfe. Maybe I should have watch that one, since it also had one of my favorite guys on it for several years. You can see some more of Adrian here, here and here.

Thursday is Austin Peck's birthday. He was on Days of our Lives for quite a few years, then did As The World Turns for a shorter time. He's also known from his Playgirl (non-nude) spread. Further exposure can be seen here, here and here.

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