Thursday, March 1, 2012


Before Sam and Dean, the two hottest brothers on TV were serious Joe and wacky Brian Hackett (played by Tim Daly and Steven Weber respectively) on Wings. The show ran from 1990-1997, and was made by the same folks that did Cheers and Frasier. Back then, they looked like this. A couple of years ago, this.

Tim was my favorite, completely adorable, and is 56 today. Back in the 90's, he bemoaned the curse of his good looks. Yeah, because looking like Julian McMahon but prettier is such a burden. He also has a son who's gone into the biz.
Steven, who had great hair, and still doesn't look too shabby, will be 51 on Sunday.

You can see more of Tim here, and Steven here.

GAY ROLES (Daly) : The Object of My Affection
GAY ROLES (Weber) : Jeffrey

DDoM - DeCoteau Dude of the Month

Sean Faris (who'll be 30 later this month) was the DeCoteau dude for March of 2010. That was for his featured role in The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks. He's done well for himself since. David sure knows how to pick 'em. The source for the near-nekkid wallpaper above, btw, was from a male cancer PSA campaign. I also discovered that his first role on film was a gay one. The movie, apparently, was never released. See below for which one.

GAY ROLES: Twisted

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - extra

Antonio Sabato Jr. celebrates his 10th birthday today. That's what happens when you're a leapling. He actually is turning the big four-o. Doesn't look a day over 7. Or 30. I'm so confused.

See him back in his soapdays here and here.

GAY ROLES: Testosterone, Deadly Skies

Monday, February 27, 2012

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

When I previously featured Jensen Ackles (34 this week) and Gigantor, I didn't go into depth about either of them. I shall correct that oversight on the Ackles front now.

I didn't watch Days of our Lives during 1997-2000, when Jensen got his first major notice. I only followed Dark Angel sporadically (I think it was opposite another show I was more interested in), so missed him there. Same with the Creek. So I guess he first came to my notice as Lana's boyfriend on Smallville. Jensen was the producers' first choice for the role, since they'd known him before the show started, having almost gotten the Clark Kent part. Jensen was a regular for only a season before he landed one of the leads, gravelly-voiced older brother Dean, on Supernatural, where he continues to this day. The weird thing to me is that Jensen originally went for the role of Sam. I just can't wrap my head around the thought of him as Sam and Jared as Dean. I don't think it would have been the awesome show it is if that hadn't happened.

I'm wondering what Jensen will do once Supernatural's over. He's done OK in movies like My Bloody Valentine. He also directed a few eps of Supernatural, and did so rather well, so he can always go in that direction. A number of the Star Trek actors have gone on to successful careers in that field, especially the Voyager folks.

To see how pretty Jensen used to be (as opposed to the ruggedly handsome dude he is now) see here.

Other birthdays this week:
•  Justin Bieber (18)
•  Leonardo Corredor (23)
•  Joshua Bowman (24)
•  Cody Longo (24)
•  Gal Mekel (24)
•  Matthew Mitcham (24) (previously featured)
•  Ethan Peck (26)
•  Reggie Bush (27)
•  Scott Michael Foster (27)
•  Tyler Bachtel (28) (previously featured)
•  Trent Garrett (28)
•  Benjamin Bradley (30)
•  Josh Groban (31) (previously featured)
•  Adam LaVorgna (31)
•  Ronan Keating (35)
•  Mark-Paul Gosselaar (38) (previously featured)
•  Matthew Marsden (39)
•  Christian Oliver (40) (previously featured)
•  Tyler Florence (41)
•  Nick Stabile (41) (previously featured)
•  Javier Bardem (43)
•  Daniel Craig (44) (previously featured)
•  George Eads (45)
•  Adam Baldwin (50)
•  Grant Show (50) (previously featured)
•  Jon Bon Jovi (50)
•  Steven Weber (51)
•  Tim Daly (56)
•  Adrian Zmed (58) (previously featured)
•  Dirk Benedict (67)
•  Robert Conrad (82) (previously featured)

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