Thursday, March 1, 2012


Before Sam and Dean, the two hottest brothers on TV were serious Joe and wacky Brian Hackett (played by Tim Daly and Steven Weber respectively) on Wings. The show ran from 1990-1997, and was made by the same folks that did Cheers and Frasier. Back then, they looked like this. A couple of years ago, this.

Tim was my favorite, completely adorable, and is 56 today. Back in the 90's, he bemoaned the curse of his good looks. Yeah, because looking like Julian McMahon but prettier is such a burden. He also has a son who's gone into the biz.
Steven, who had great hair, and still doesn't look too shabby, will be 51 on Sunday.

You can see more of Tim here, and Steven here.

GAY ROLES (Daly) : The Object of My Affection
GAY ROLES (Weber) : Jeffrey

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