Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - extra

I think this may be my first non-celebrity wallpaper. But when I saw photos of young Björn Barrefors (23 today) on the net some time ago, I was like, wow. Movie-star looks, young, and in great shape. Impressive record too. And though he's Swedish, he's not blonde. Makes him more interesting, that he falls outside of that stereotype. I could make comments about certain parts of his physique, but others have beat me to it.

Boy's busy, too. He twitters, blogs and is on Facebook. Where he finds time to study and train as well, I have no idea. But you can't argue with the results.

Monday, October 25, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Remember Dan Wells (37 today)? I first saw him on Boy Meets Boy. Thought he was one of the gay "mates", which just goes to show how crappy my gaydar is. He did DOOL for a while after that. What's he up to now? His IMDB page is the best place to check. Not a lot since last year. See more of his soap exploits here.

Gee, I'm surprised. Dylan McDermott (49 tomorrow) is 6 feet tall. He seems taller onscreen. The man's shorter than me. Weird. He's also half-Italian, half-Irish. A combination which obviously worked out nice.

Anyway, you most likely know tall, dark and hunky from his days on The Practice. Now he's doing a show on TNT called Dark Blue. I think that, one way or the other, the man's gonna be in front of the camera for years to come. And I'm looking forward to that.

GAY ROLES (Wells): Boy Meets Boy
GAY ROLES (McDermott): Will & Grace

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