Saturday, February 4, 2012

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - extra

Warning: Several of the links below are not NSFW.

Leighton Stultz was 23 when he posed nude for Playgirl back in 2007. Since then, he's done some modelling and reality TV, gotten his own website, but not seemed to have done a lot of work. Maybe he should consider doing porn, he certainly has the body for it. I mean, damn! And others think so too.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DDoM - DeCoteau Dude of the Month

I'm going to try to make this your one-stop post for all things Brandon Beemer. Because the boy deserves it.

I can't believe it's been two years since I last featured Brandon. How could I neglect such sublime perfection for so long? So I'm making him this month's DeCoteau dude. He only had a bit part in The Brotherhood (the very first one), but it still counts. Wouldn't it be great if he appeared in one of David's newer efforts, in a larger role? He's got the dress code down. Are ya listing, Mr. De?

Brandon's probably my favorite of the current crop of soap guys, because he's so ridiculously lush. The two things I notice first on a guy are eyes and ass, and Brandon has both to the nth degree. What's in-between ain't bad either.

The eyes, the bone structure, the chest, dressed up, dressed down, or completely undressed. And no one can pull off the shorty-shorts look like him. I wonder if he's ever asked anyone if some pair of pants makes his butt look big? Hope not, because let's face it, with an ass like that, a potato sack would make his butt look big. As far as Brandon's goes, the Tap, I believe, said it best. How could I leave this behind, indeed?

Let me connect you to more material so you may continue your appreciation of the finest, fittest soap guy in the business (according to a completely impartial poll) (so I was the only one polled; I can be impartial). An assortment of videos of Brandon shirtless can be found on Youtube and at Where you can also find stills. However, better ones can be seen at Superherofan's corner and Squarehippies and Shirtless Stars Clips. Brandon has an official site, but it doesn't seem to be updated often, or have much content, so be warned. A ways back, there were rumors of who he was dating (pre Nadia), but I think they were just wishful thinking.

By the by, did anyone watch Dirty Soap? I caught most of it on E! Shout out to E!, where you can indulge the shallow. After watching, I learned some things about Brandon:

1) I honestly think he doesn't know how transcendently gorgeous he is
2) Nadia doesn't deserve him because
3) Nadia's mom, Fary, has no idea what a catch Brandon is

It's fortunate that he's so unaware of his supernal beauty. If he was, he'd probably be insufferable. Why Nadia doesn't stand up to her mom when she bad-mouths Brandon, I can't fathom. If Brandon were my boyfriend, first off I'd probably be holding off the competition with a pitchfork. Or possibly automatic weapons. 'Cause if he was mine, I'd be keeping him, you know it. I'd tell my mother where to go, that's for sure.

Except my mom would've been happy that I'd found someone, and probably bragging that I was dating a great looking famous soap star. Plus she might've been a bit of a dirty old lady to him. And I'd let her, because I'm that kind of son. Hey, a little bum squeeze never hurt anyone.

Fary doesn't like Brandon because he forgets Nadia's birthday or stuff like that? Seriously? Has she no idea what a gift that is? He forgets an important date or does something inconsiderate, you nurse his guilt, and then he has to make it up to you. The advantages of being raised Catholic. I've said it for ages: the Jews may have invented guilt, but the Catholics perfected it. An expert can wield it to more effect than any katana, doncha know.

So sure, Brandon could forget our anniversary or not pick me up from the airport. Hell, he could forget my name, I wouldn't care. OK, I'd care some. But the thoughts of what he'd have to do to ease my hurt feelings... Oh yeah, I'd indulge. Are you kidding? Please. I could forgive a hell of lot to have an all-access pass to this. Disagree? Show of hands?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wallpaper music video

I mentioned a few posts back about my friend who looked like Peter Berlin. Well, he also resembled another Peter. Yes, the irony. It was Peter Cox (the irony train keeps a-rollin'), the lead singer of the British blue-eyed soul group Go West, whose song We Close Our Eyes I'm using in this video. The grimy, the giant wrench, mmmm. I look at it now and see how silly it is. And yet, still, mmmm. For those unfamiliar with them, they did King of Wishful Thinking on the Pretty Woman soundtrack. Cox is now the lead singer for Manfred Mann's Earth Band, of all things. He's still looking pretty good at 56.

Monday, January 30, 2012

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

When he first started on Glee, I was so-so about Darren Criss, who turns 25 this week. But he grew on me quickly. He's cute and all, but guys who can sing well tend to be even more attractive to me, and Darren definitely has a set of pipes on him. My favorite thing he's done so far is his version of It's Not Unusual. I think I like his pre-Glee look to his post-Glee one. Though I'm really liking this geek sexy look. Boy's got a future, that's for sure. Worse comes to worse, he can always play with the StarKids.

Other birthdays this week:
•  Tyler Seguin (20)
•  Jeremy Sumpter (23)
•  Justin Deeley (26)
•  Bernardo Velasco (26)
•  Cristiano Ronaldo (27) (previously featured)
•  Leighton Stultz (27)
•  Lee Thompson Young (28)
•  Ronnie Kroell (29)
•  Ian Meadows (29)
•  Gavin Henson (30)
•  Justin Timberlake (31) (previously featured)
•  Wilmer Valderrama (32)
•  Josh Wald (33) (previously featured)
•  Timothy John Mandala (34)
•  Gavin DeGraw (35)
•  Pavel Novotný (35) (previously featured)
•  Joe Foster (36)
•  Christian Bale (38)
•  Trent Dawson (41)
•  Michael C. Hall (41)
•  Brian Krause (43) (previously featured)
•  Michael T. Weiss (50)
•  James Spader (52)
•  Matt Lattanzi (53)

•  Brandon Lee (deceased)

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