Friday, February 15, 2013

Wallpaper Lautner-ey

Taylor out and about.

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - extra

Hard to believe it's been over ten years since I first laid eyes on Dominic Haakon Myrtvedt Purcell. Whom you might know more simply as Dominic Purcell.

'Twas his turn as the amnesiac lead in the Fox series John Doe, back in 2002, that caught my eye. Sadly, the show only lasted a season, and we never found out the whole backstory behind his character. Ironically, the same thing happened to the similarly themed Kyle XY. That lasted for three seasons though. Maybe in part due to the younger lead?

A shame, since I could listen to Dominic for days. He's got one of those read-the-telephone-book-sexy voices. I was surprised to find out he was an Aussie. No trace of the accent. But hearing it in interviews... as if he weren't hot enough.

I was unaware of his prior work on BeastMaster TV series. May have to root around the interwebs to find his episodes.

After John Doe, I feared never seeing Dominic again. Thankfully, Fox must have liked him, as he had an extended guest run on North Shore in 2004.

And they really must have liked him, since he became one of the leads on Prison Break. Which, shame on me, I hardly watched. I just couldn't get into it. Still, Dominic has kept busy, and occasionally does roles which required reduced clothing. Hoo, and ray, I say. See more of him over Superherofan and Tumblr way. Mister Purcell shall return tomorrow.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

May your Valentine's Day be filled with all the love and hunky guys you desire.

Monday, February 11, 2013

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Tay-Tay (previously featured), you're finally completely legal in every country and all 57 US states. Today you turn 21. He's done with those movies, which leaves me with mixed feelings. No more sparkly vampires, hurrah! But I think Taylor got tired of being so objectified, so I don't know if he'll do much shirtless acting after this. I hope I'm wrong, because he could have a long career working that body. Since his acting... he's not bad. Pretty decent, really. But I don't see him doing much Shakespeare. Still, stranger things have happened.

Thanks to the Internet in general, and Famous Males and Tumblr in particular, I have a plethora of pics from which to make wallpapers. And when I say plethora, I'm talking more than 3 or 4. Or 10 or 20. Celebrate good times, come on! Consider y'all selves winners of the Taylor Lautner-ry. Lucky y'all.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - extra

NSFW alert: Porn star post!

If Tyler Posey is a twunk, then Brent Everett is a twug. Yeah, I made that one up. It means Brent looks twinky, but thuggy too. He could be Taylor's sluttier brother.

This Canuck is mostly a top, but can be versatile. He does a bunch of solo stuff on his site, if you like that sort of thing. He blogs, is on the Twitter and Facebook (I think that's his Facebook account), and has a Yahoo group. Some of his filmography is at IMDb. See him all over tumbler, as well as an account devoted to him, too. And I mean all of him all over tumbler. In fact, it was an effort finding clothed pictures of him to use for wallpaper.

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