Sunday, February 10, 2013

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week - extra

NSFW alert: Porn star post!

If Tyler Posey is a twunk, then Brent Everett is a twug. Yeah, I made that one up. It means Brent looks twinky, but thuggy too. He could be Taylor's sluttier brother.

This Canuck is mostly a top, but can be versatile. He does a bunch of solo stuff on his site, if you like that sort of thing. He blogs, is on the Twitter and Facebook (I think that's his Facebook account), and has a Yahoo group. Some of his filmography is at IMDb. See him all over tumbler, as well as an account devoted to him, too. And I mean all of him all over tumbler. In fact, it was an effort finding clothed pictures of him to use for wallpaper.

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