Monday, November 22, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

I'm trying to recall when Mister Facinelli (who'll be 37 on Friday) first came to my attention. Could it have been Fastlane? Yes, that must've been it. So what if it could have been re-titled L.A. Vice? Peter in those leather pants... mama! Which is about all I remember of the show. Isn't that enough?

Though it was made before, I didn't see Supernova until after Fastlane. Because, boys and girls, I would've remembered. Why? This scene (NSFW), for one. This image, which is worksafe, will also help.

He's gotten steady work in TV and movies ever since. Including in that series of films. Don't like him as a blonde, but for what they're paying him, I guess they can color his hair however they want. At least there's only one more to survive. Though it'll be in two parts, gaah! Haven't seen any of them, still, but the hype, good gods!

Jennie Garth is one lucky gal, to have a hubby like him. And everything I've seen of him indicates he's an all-around nice guy. He's the only guy in the family, as all they've had are daughters. Have a boy, please! Can you imagine what a son of theirs would look like? Gorgeousness-squared.

I remember seeing him in the audience when Jennie was on Dancing with the Stars, and hoping they'd get him on the show some day. I'm still waiting.

Let's see, what now? Oh yeah, the websites. Official, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. And a Yahoo group. There ya go.

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