Monday, August 17, 2009

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

It's a bit of a toss-up, but David Chokachi is, to me, the number one hottest Baywatch guy. As evidence, I present exhibits A, B and C above. It's nice that they objectified the guys like they did the women. Equal opportunity objectification, that's the ticket!

He went on to do Witchblade, which I wish had lasted longer. He's been a jobbing actor since, and has even done a couple of Sci-Fi Channel movies, joining the list of their go-to guys.

He turned 41 on January 1 of this year, and though he's not as pretty as he used to be, he's achieved a whole new kind of mmm-mmm-goodness.

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

I promised more from Baywatch, and I try to be a man of my word. Here are a couple of my favorites, David Charvet and Michael Bergin.

Actually, Charvet didn't do much for me. The videoclip above shows why. Too young, too pretty (yes, there is such a thing), sort of "meh". The wallpaper, though, is derived from a fairly recent photo, and dayum! His significant other, Brooke Burke won the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars, and I can only hope that David will eventually appear on the show. 'Cause him shirtless and dancing? That's ratings gold, baby!

Next is prolly my number two, Michael Bergin. Former underwear model, actor, and all around studmuffin. Hit the big four-o this past March. Also appeared in one of David DeCoteau's guyploitation movies, Wolves of Wall Street. Haven't seen it, but if it's like Voodoo Academy... oh, wait, they're all more or less like Voodoo Academy. But after so many horror movies where the women are victimized, it's oddly satisfying to see that trope inverted. DeCoteau found a niche, and has gone to town. Plus, cute guys in underwear? Boy howdie!

Oh, and number one? Next post.

GAY ROLE (Bergin): The Broken Hearts Club (briefly)

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