Friday, December 23, 2011

Wallpaper display fix

You may have noticed that, for a while, when you click on a wallpaper, it comes up in a sort of mini-gallery showing all the ones in the same post. And they're not expandable. You can right-click and "save as", but I miss the old format. Well, I finally got annoyed enough and did some research and fixed it. Now when you click on a wallpaper thumbnail, the full sized version will pop up. By itself. The other thing was called "Lightbox", and apparently was some attempt by Blogger to be cool. Yeah, not so much.

For those that might want to fix it on their blogs, go to "Settings", then the subheading "Formatting". Scroll down some and you should see an option, "Showcase images with Lightbox". Change it from "Yes" to "No", and that's it.

Also, now a thumbnail of the first wallpaper in a post will show in the blogger feed. Another simple fix. Go to "Settings", then the subheading "Site Feed". The very first option is "Allow Blog Feeds". Change it to "Full" and that's it. Should also retroactively fix a bunch of your previous posts.

Hope that makes the blog more accessible and all that. Cheers!

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