Friday, November 5, 2010

Wallpaper of the Day

Jon Fleming

Age: 29 (born 4/27/1981)
Height: 6' 0"
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Known for: Will and Grace (The guy who took his shirt off all the time in Jack's acting class), Dante's Cove

I can't find Jon's weight or chest measurements or anything like that, but he's well fit, and that's a fact. I'd say he's best known (at least amongst the probable readership of this blog) for being in Dante's Cove. Jon's made a thing of doing the supernatural stuff. Back in '05, he appeared in Camp Daze/Camp Slaughter with Matt Dallas. In 2008, he was in Frat House Massacre, made by the same folks that did Camp Slaughter.

Speaking of Dante's Cove, I really should it watch one of these days. Looks to be the perfect guilty pleasure. Like if David DeCoteau had produced Charmed, but on cable with nudity. And gayness. OK, more gayness than Charmed. More about Jon here, and get an eyeful here.

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