Monday, July 19, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

I'm back and forth about Josh Hartnett, who turns 32 on Wednesday. I find it odd when people say he's good-looking. He's not. The squinty eyes, the Neanderthal-esque brow, the wide face, I don't see it. Yet I do find him oddly attractive. The body's nice, too, not too bulky and not too scrawny. See more of it here. Plus I have to give it to him in the voice department. Low and sultry, just like I like 'em.

On Sunday, James Lafferty will be 25. Him, I'm not ambivalent about at all. Never been a regular watcher of One Tree Hill (yeah, shocker). But James I often find more tantalizing than Chaddie. He stradles the line between pretty and handsome. And hallelujah when he's shirtless. Some of the poses they put him in are pure artistry. When's he gonna do more movies and stuff, dagummit?

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