Thursday, July 22, 2010


Previously I've discussed a couple of my first serious crushes. But now it's time for another. Bobby Sherman, who turns 67 today. Oh, Steve, how right you were.

I don't recall him on The Monkees, oddly enough. Nor am I sure I watched him on Here Come the Brides, though I must've, to appreciate the finer points of Ishmael.

However, I do remember when he appeared on The Partridge Family. It was almost more than my little heart could take. He was so pretty, and not anorexic-looking, as teen idols of the time oft were. In fact, it almost looked like he had a little baby fat or something, which softened his face beautifully. Now I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my copy of Here Comes Bobby in my great record-to-CD conversion, since it also had the foldout poster of him wearing leather pants and fringe. How many times I looked at it, I couldn't even guess. What a thing to give an impressionable young grade school child! Yes, folks, I had it baaaad for him.

He eventually retired from showbiz and became an EMT, bless his heart. But if you wish to bask in the glow that was Bobby, check here and listen here.

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