Friday, January 13, 2012

David's most meta movie?

Cover art

Chris Galya checks out a model bathroom

Boys acting up in the pool

Israel Korn practices his shirtless acting

Chase Bennett takes a stab at modelling with Israel Korn

Luke Allen is the model of the modern hunky actor

This time 'round, I did the captions, because I can't resist a good pun. Or a bad one. Any old pun in the storm.

Got another press kit from the lovely folks at Rapid Heart. This one's for 1313: Actor Slash Model. It's about an actor who loses a part to a model, then goes on a killing spree. Because if he decided to continue auditioning elsewhere, the movie would be five minutes long. The homicidal thespian in question is played by Chase Bennett, who's hardly homely. So David had to cast even better looking guys to make it believable. I think he did OK, as the pictures above demonstrate. You can read the full press release here.

So, a movie about models who become actors played by models who are actors or actors who model between acting jobs. Very meta, Dave, very meta. Maybe not as meta as The Monster At The End Of This Book or The French Mistake, but still pretty meta.

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