Friday, June 1, 2012

DDoM - DeCoteau Dude of the Month

Methinks Mister DeCoteau is expanding his horizons, casting-wise. Case in point, Stefan Gatt, star of David's latest, 1313: Bermuda Triangle. Not age-wise, since he'll be 23 next week. But he's way more muscley than the usual type of guys in his movies.

According to this interview, he was a high school wrestling champ and did some MMA fighting. His Facebook fan group says he has 5.5% body fat. His personal Facebook profile says he's living in Tampa (assuming it's really his), and this tweet would seem to confirm that.

To think, he's only a couple of hours away. And at the Powerhouse Gym (probably this one) regularly, one would suspect. So tempting to pop on down and hang out. Not in a stalker sort of way, no, not at all. Just to see if he's as attractive as in his photos. Actually, I suspect he's one of those peoples who's more good looking in person. Kind of like the producers of Smallville discovered when they first met Tom Welling.

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