Monday, March 8, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

This week, this week, let's talk about the guys on the Creek. I only watched the show sporadically, but it had lots of man-candy. Or boy-candy. Or men-playing-boys-candy. Anyway, the two regular characters I thought were the easiest on the eyes were the forehead and the gay one.

Today is James Van Der Beek's (the forehead's) birthday. He's not had nearly the success he had during Creek, but he's kept busy doing TV, movies and theatre.

Tomorrow, Kerr Smith (the gay one) will be celebrating. He has the pretty and the studly going on, which makes his less-than-enlightened comments on his character's kissing a disillusionment. Can't have it all. Anyway, the WB must have liked him, as he got a gig later on Charmed. And like the forehead, he's been working steadily, mostly on TV.

GAY ROLES (Smith): Dawson's Creek, Hit and Runway, The Broken Hearts Club

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