Saturday, March 13, 2010

Decline continues

Now Mom is asleep, and she can't be woken up. Her meds are now administered sub-lingually (meaning they use liquid, spread it on her gums and it's absorbed into her system). She can't eat or drink anything now, so obviously she'll be gone soon.

But she's not uncomfortable anymore, and that's a blessing. She very much wanted not to have her life prolonged if her quality of life wasn't good, and she's been feeling worse and worse, even with the meds, for days and days. I believe this is God's way of gently guiding her into heaven.

I will miss her and miss her, but she's not suffering, and that's what's best for her, and everything's going with her wishes and beliefs. I'm spending as much time down there as I can, 'cause I should be there when that time comes.

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