Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Could have been worse

My house got broken into whilst I was away at work. The only thing I can tell that might have been taken was a jewelry box of my late mother's. But I think it was all costume jewelry. Honestly, my first concern was the computer, but hurrah, still here. I have to replace the window in my back door where they broke in, but that's about it. Fringe benefit: the police officer who came to investigate was kind of cute. So luckily, I appear to have gotten off light.

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  1. Whether your mother's jewelry was costume or real, it was still stolen. It is sad that someone feels they need to steal (for whatever reason) another person's memories and property.

  2. Sorry about the break in, that sucks bug time.

    On a separate note: whilst? Are you originally from the UK or Australia?


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