Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry First Day of Christmas

All these years. I was born and raised Catholic, yet I've always thought the Twelve Days of Christmas ended on Christmas Day. Apparently that's an American thing. In fact, the Twelve Days begin on Christmas, and go to January 5 (a.k.a Twelfth Night). Which makes it even worse, what with me being such a Shakespeare nut. I think I kind of knew, since Mom always put out the little manger scene on Christmas and took it down in January. I just didn't fully realize that was the proverbial Twelve Days of Christmas.

Anyway, I'd decided to do my own Twelve Days celebration, and now I know when to start. Today. Merry Christmas, by the way.

Before I started this blog, not only did I make wallpapers for fun, but also collages. I used them as them for screensavers. So since I've shared wallpapers with y'all, I figured it was overdue to share the collages. So, a few every day for the next twelve days. And Happy New Year. Which is still a surprise, what with the Mayan Apocalypse not coming to pass and all.

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