Monday, June 25, 2012

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

WARNING: Some NSFW links, so have a care.

This is one of the exception weeks. I've already done wallpapers of all the interesting guys who have birthdays this week. I could do more of them, but none motivated me in that direction. So I had two options: steal from another week, or models (whose birthdays I don't know). But since I'm going to do model madness later this year, I settled on the former. The two I chose both had birthdays in April, and have starred in Syfy Channel series.

First is Eric Balfour, who's 36. He's currently starring in Haven. Maybe the first thing I've liked him in.

I've never gotten why he's considered sexy. From the neck up, at least. He puts the "ugh" in homely. The body, on the other hand, and especially the booty... And he's not shy about showing all of it off. Like he did in Lie With Me, which is as close to porn as a regular film can get. It also demonstrates that he's not a shower or a grower. Yep, bag-over-the-head guy for me. Or a ski-mask. You know, because a mouth is a terrible thing to waste.

Did you know he was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? He was Xander's friend in the pilot, gets vamped and then staked. He's been on various shows, like 24 and Six Feet Under but never for long. Serious McGinley syndrome. Maybe Haven will break the curse.

See more Eric skin at Superherofan's place.

Vincent Ventresca (47), conversely, is all kinds of sexy to me. Ironically, he has a long face like Eric's. Yeah, sometimes I don't understand me, either.

He first crossed my radar back in 2000 as Darien Fawkes, the title character on The Invisible Man. It was on the Sci-Fi Channel. You know, before it was all knock-off monster/disaster movies and WWF. Darien mostly wore V-neck t-shirts, which showed off his awesome cleavage. Between him and Sebastian Spence, Sci-Fi had some of the best chests around. I know I've said it before, but maybe not on this blog, so I'll say it here. They have chests that enter a room before the rest of them. Vince has kept busy, and still pops up on the occasional Syfy movie. Like Larva and Mammoth. He's done pretty good for himself, but deserved a better career. The vagaries of fate.
Other birthdays this week:
•  Mitch Hewer (23) (previously featured)
•  Ed Westwick (25) (previously featured)
•  Austin Drage (26) (previously featured)
•  Michael Phelps (27) (previously featured)
•  Cody Rhodes (27)
•  Christopher Egan (28)
•  Jason Tam (30)
•  Abs Breen (33)
•  Bradley Stryker (35)
•  Brett Baxter Clark (36)
•  Tobey Maguire (37)
•  Christian Kane (38) (previously featured)
•  Jason Lewis (41) (previously featured)
•  Brian Bloom (42)
•  Steve Burton (42) (previously featured)
•  Chris Conrad (42)
•  Chris O'Donnell (42)
•  George Michael (49)
•  Dominic Keating (50)
•  Chance Caldwell (53)
•  Dale Midkiff (53)

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