Monday, June 25, 2012

Magic Mike

To celebrate the release this Friday of the hunkfest that is Magic Mike, I'll be doing wallpapers of the cast the whole week. Not McConaughey, but only because I couldn't find any that I like that I've not already used. Still and all, I don't think there'll be too many complaints.

Let's start the celebration with the massively sexy Joe Manganiello, who plays the studliest werewolf ever, Alcide, on True Blood. Sorry, Taylor fans, but I'm Team Joe all the way.

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  1. Joe is a GREAT way to start the "Magic Mike" wallpapers. But, IMO, the rest will be downhill. Well, Matt Bomer will be great to see.

  2. I think Joe is my favorite too, and Matt a close second. Channing doesn't do much for me, but everyone's tastes differ, so I did some of him. And he is the reason the movie got made.

    Let's hope there's a string of copycat male stripper movies. If we're lucky, it'll be better then when sword and sorcery movies were in vogue and there were hot guys in loincloths runnning all over the place. :)


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