Monday, January 2, 2012

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

So I've been uncovering wallpapers I made ages ago and never got around to posting, and thought I'd do so throughout the year. Conveniently, I can start with the previously featured Ryan Daharsh, who'll be 30 on Friday. Whatever happened to him? I've not seen any new modelling photos from him in a while. Shame if he decided to quit the biz, as I think he's got years of quality work left in him. Should anybody hear of new projects he's doing, lemme know, OK?

Other birthdays this week:
•  Freddie Stroma (25)
•  James "Kenzie" MacKenzie (26)
•  Brandon Manilow (29)
•  Dustin Clare (30)
•  Eli Manning (31)
•  Greg Cipes (32) (previously featured)
•  Dylan Fergus (32)
•  Gabriel Aubry (36) (previously featured)
•  Nicholas Gonzalez (36) (previously featured)
•  Bradley Cooper (37) (previously featured)
•  Taye Diggs (41)
•  Jeremy Renner (41)
•  Josh Stamberg (42)
•  Joe Flanigan (45) (previously featured)
•  Rick Hearst (47)
•  Nicolas Cage (48)
•  Mel Gibson (56)

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