Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ah, Smallville, how we will miss thee

So last week was the series finale of Smallville. I was kind of disappointed. The whole Darkseid storyline wrap up felt very deus-ex-machina. And couldn't they have given a closeup of Welling, head to toe, in the Superman duds? Yet I was still crying at the end, 'cause I'm a big old sap, and it was neat to finally see him become Superman.

I wonder if there'll ever be another show with such shameless exploitation of such a variety of hot guys? Maybe 90210, if it lasts longer. It's amazing that Smallville wasn't a Spelling show, since Charmed was neck-and-neck in that department.

The cast has inspired many a wallpaper here. In fact, the launch of this blog (two years ago yesterday) was of one of them. So I thought I'd do an homage. Also fear not, I'll be doing more wallpapers in the future of guys from the show, since it's a goldmine (no, not that kind) that's far from being exhausted. Thank you, WB/CW, for keeping it on for 10 years. Yep, the stories got crappier as the series continued, but the guys, oh, the guys...

So here are a few, in alphabetical order:

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