Monday, April 4, 2011

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Alex Pettyfer, soon to be legal everywhere (he'll be 21 this week). Don't know much about him, 'cept he's pretty and the latest "it" boy. Heard he's kind of a jerk, but who knows how true that is? Looking as he does, there's rather a lot to be conceited about. Whether he'll be the next Brad Pitt or Richard Grieco, only time will tell. See his notorious appearance on Ellen, and more of him generally.

What can you say about Bel Ami's gift to the gay porn world, Lukas Ridgeston? The eyes, the lips, the face, the body, certain... parts of the body. He moved behind the camera a few years ago, which is a shame, since he's looking better now then he ever did, if these pictures are any indication. Pretty amazing for a guy whose 36th birthday is this week. An appreciation can be seen here.

Other birthdays this week:
•  Jesse McCartney (24)
•  Ryan Merriman (28)
•  Adrian Bellani (previously featured) (29)
•  Bret Harrison (29)
•  Taylor Kitsch (30)
•  Charlie Hunnam (31)
•  Teddy Sears (34)
•  James Roday (previously featured) (35)
•  Austin Peck (previously featured) (40)
•  Paul Rudd (42)
•  John Schneider (51)
•  Dennis Quaid (previously featured) (57)
•  Max Gail (68)

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