Monday, December 13, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

This week's birthday boys will both be celebrating on Sunday. First is Aaron Renfree, who'll be 23. I'd never heard of him before, and I don't remember how I stumbled over him. Having said that, glad I did, 'cause boy sure is pretty. He was a member of S Club 8, of all things. He's gone on to do dancing as well as modelling, with folks like Adam Bouska. He's on MySpace and Twitter.

Then we have the most unlikely superstar, Jake Gyllenhaal, who'll hit the big three-o. And whose last name I thought was Gyllenhall. Probably not the only one. He's quirky looking, not classic movie star handsome. He almost looks like he has bugeyes. Yet he's appealing and almost cuddly. At least he used to be in his indie days when he started. Even when he did Brokeback Mountain, which really got him noticed. Haven't seen it, btw. Yep, bad on me.

Then he got all muscled action hero-ey for Prince of Persia. I mean, I like a guy who's in shape, but I think he went overboard on this one. Heck, even he thinks so. Hopefully he'll get back to being more lean, which is a better look for him. Find out more about him on Facebook and Twitter. See more of him at these two Yahoo groups.

GAY ROLES (Gyllenhaal): Brokeback Mountain

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