Monday, September 27, 2010


A few months back I discussed Parker, my favorite Hardy Boy. Now it's time for the one who got all the attention, Shaun Cassidy, who's 52 today. I think I liked him more because he was David's than anything else. I bought a couple of his records, as well as some of Andy's. That was one of the bravest things I did. Because, hello, teenage boy in the '70s buying those kind of records. George, one of my best friends back then, didn't like Shaun because he found him "painfully thin". He had a point, which is why I think I liked Parker more.

Shaun gave up acting and the music biz, mostly, by the late '80s. He took a detour to Broadway for a while, then got into producing TV shows. Which is really the smart move, 'cause that's where the money is.

The photos above were mostly obtained from here and here.

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