Monday, April 12, 2010


So Robert Conrad made me realize there was something that I liked about guys more than girls. But love, true puppy love, came in the form of David Cassidy, who turns 60 today.

Has it been that long since The Partridge Family. Let's see, it was on from '70 to '74... good lord, it's been 40 years. Oh, the time, she flies.

Sometimes I wonder when Mom "knew". I came out to her when I was 15. But years before, when my parents gave me my first record player, the records they gave to go with it were by The Monkees, Bobby Sherman, and The Partridge Family. I know Dad didn't pick those. Still have some of those vinyl discs, including the 45 for the one above. I think I played Cherish to death.

David's still going, doing shows and performing. If I ever met him, I'd probably try to be dignified, but wind up acting like a pre-teen fanboy. Some crushes, you never get over.

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