Monday, January 18, 2010

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Does anyone still watch Desperate Housewives? I did the first season or two, but lost interest after that. They did have something for everyone, that's for sure. A couple of the reasons I liked it originally:

Ryan Carnes. If you like young, good-looking and built (but not overbuilt). Which is why it was a crime what they did to him in Doctor Who. But then, there's always Surf School. Which has shirtlessness from Ryan, as well as Corey Sevier. With that going for it, who cares how good the movie is, ya know? And let's not forget Eating Out, where we got to see more of Ryan than anything else he's done since.

For those who like their eye-candy older and more experienced, there's James Denton, who'll be 47 on Wednesday. If only all plumbers were that hot. He also looks good spiffed up, as he was when he was doing The Pretender. Dressed up or dressed down, he's got it goin' on.

GAY ROLES (Carnes): General Hospital, Eating Out, Desperate Housewives

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