Monday, September 9, 2013

WoW - Wallpaper of the Week

Chandler Massey turns 23 this week. He got my attention (and lots of others) for his portrayal of a gay teen coming out on DOOL. Even won an Emmy for it. Maybe because they were trying to be more serious with the storyline, the show cut down on his shirtless scenes.

Which is a shame, because have you seen him shirtless? His chest alone verges on the Metcalfe-esque. He should do way more stuff topless, 'cause he ain't gonna look like that forever, and he might as well use it while he's got it. Yeah, he's nice and humble and all that, but the people demand he act with fewer clothes! Are you with me? Can I hear an Aaaaa-men?

What, you ask? No shirtless wallpapers? Never fear, you'll see them soon, since I'm doing several days worth of posts devoted to Mister Massey. There's something about the pretty ones that makes me go overboard. As if that's a bad thing.

GAY ROLES: Days of our Lives

Other birthdays this week:
•  Damian McGinty (21)
•  Marc Fitt (23)
•  Pana Hema Taylor (23)
•  Logan Henderson (24)
•  Christian Cooke (26)
•  Chad Duell (26)
•  Tyler Hoechlin (26) (previously featured)
•  Trevor Duke (27)
•  Harry Treadaway (29)
•  Carlos Ferro (30)
•  Andrés Mistage (32)
•  Braden Bacha (33) (previously featured)
•  Jason Cook (33)
•  Dave Annable (34)
•  Jacob Young (34)
•  Benjamin McKenzie (35) (previously featured)
•  Bruce Michael Hall (36)
•  Seth Hall (36)
•  Tom Hardy (36)
•  Ryan Phillippe (39) (previously featured)
•  Ryan Sutter (39)
•  Paul Walker (40) (previously featured)
•  Goran Višnjić (41)
•  Josh Charles (42)
•  Josh Hopkins (43)
•  Johnathon Schaech (44) (previously featured)
•  Roger Howarth (45)
•  Danny Nucci (45)
•  Harry Connick Jr. (46) (previously featured)
•  Dan Cortese (46) (previously featured)
•  Arpad Miklos (46)
•  Jason Statham (46)
•  Louis Mandylor (47)
•  Anthony Addabbo (53)
•  Hugh Grant (53)
•  Callum Keith Rennie (53)
•  Scott Brown (54)
•  Scott Patterson (55) (previously featured)
•  Tom Wopat (62)

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  1. Unfortunately, Chandler is leaving "Days of Our Lives" "anyday now". He announced to an interviewer that heas going to not resign when his contract was up in December. The producers did not know this and told him "Oh no, you're leaving 13 weeks before your contract expires in December. Supposedly (accordig to TV Guide) he's already film his final scenes.


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